Friday, June 16, 2017

Sei whales travelling!

The sei whales don't have time to lose, while they are migrating to the North, they are passing by around the Azores quite fast but always providing us good encounters. Today, we saw three of them in our tour in the morning and two more in the afternoon, all of them were with the same behavior: travelling. Last year we had one sighting in March, two in April, fifteen in June and five in July, making June the best month to see them. This year we had similar numbers in March, April and May, and, by now, five sightings in June so let's see if we can achieve the numbers from last year! It was not all about the whales today, we also had nice encounters with different groups of dolphins. In the morning we found common dolphins and in both tours we saw  bottlenose dolphins. The group of bottlenose dolphins that we saw is really well know for us, it was the pod of our old friend Max. The swimmers had really good encounters with the group of Max and we could also see a loggerhead turtle!

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphins next to our boats

A sei whale with a big dorsal fin

Our swimming with the dolphins boat with bottlenose dolphins

Max, the bottlenose dolphin that is missing part of the top jaw

Common dolphins surfacing

Two sei whales travelling together

 The blow from the sei whale

Sei whale at the surface

 School of fish next to the Portuguese man o'war

Loggerhead turtle

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