Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer is here!!!

It was the first day that we really felt the summer heat… and it seems that the animals felt the same. In the morning we had the best of both worlds...two species of dolphins and two species of whales. We started the day with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and we saw two Sperm Whales who showed us their tails. After the tails we moved to another area to see something bigger... Two Fin Whales!! On the way back, really close to the marina entrance, we found one group of Bottlenose Dolphins that belongs to our friend “Max”. In the afternoon trip we saw very well a Fin Whale and, in a really close area, we saw a spread group of Sperm Whales. We added one more species to the menu as we returned... Common Dolphins with a lot of babies. We hope summer will continue like this ;)

Fin Whale

Bottlenose Dolphins

Sperm Whale

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Sperm Whales

Sei Whales

Baby Common Dolphin

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