Friday, June 30, 2017

Surprising day!

Today we have had a summer day with mirror like waters and sunny sky. We were able to see fin whales again in the morning, giving our clients the opportunity to enjoy the second largest whale in the world in a very calm sea. We also found a nice group of common dolphins and another one of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Both of them had babies, so a very good sign for their populations! Some of them had even some birth marks on their bodies.. so they were almost new borns! One of our boats managed to see as well beaked whales. Such a big surprise! We don't see them quite often, so we get excited every day we find them. We were not able to identify the species, because we couldn't see the head, but we know that they were Mesoplodon sp. They are deep divers, and they usually are shy just showing a bit of their back for a very short time. On the catamaran's trip we also saw a manta or devil ray leaping completely out of the water and later on another showing the tip of the fin (wing) further away.
In the afternoon we were lucky to find four different dolphin species, our three residents: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Risso's dolphins (the last one just form one of our boats); and one of the seasonal species: Atlantic spotted dolphins. We saw many babies in their groups. Even we didn't see any whale but the dolphins were compensating it with their active behavior, leaping, breaching and spy-hopping. On one of the photos of a common dolphin breaching, we found something attached on its body: a remora! Among the feeding common dolphins, there were a lot of shearwater, most of them Cory's, but one was Sooty shearwater! A rare sighting for us.

As you can see is not just cetaceans what we can find in this wonderful ocean. 

Photos from today:

Beaked whale of this morning tour 
Blowholes of a fin whale

Male common dolphin breaching (notice the remora attached on the side)

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

Baby bottlenose dolphin beside its mother

Sooty shearwater

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