Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The 10th species, Sei whale and hundreds of babies!

Today we had a explosion of life in the ocean!!
In the morning we saw sperm whales at first, not all of our boats got the see them as they were a bit shy and they didn't want to be seen by our boats; sometimes they don't want and there is nothing we can do to change that... so we changed to area to some baleen whales; what we found were three Sei whales, first time this month and a what is always nice: a mother Sei whale with its baby!
Talking about babies, common dolphins were in a family day with al the babies and young dolphins together!
Turtles, flying fishes, all kind of birds, jellyfish... everybody was very active!
In the afternoon we resight the mother Sei whales with its calf very far away from the place we saw them in the morning, this are fast animals!
A fin whales appeared also and the common dolphins were also seen.
An amazing summer day, without a cloud ;)

Here some photos of our tours:

Common dolphins all together; some of the babies were newborns

Young common dolphins

In the morning we saw three Sei whales, this one was traveling a little further away from the other two

Here we can see the mother with the baby swimming side by side

Sei whale blowing

Check the big dorsal fin this whales have

This one was the fin whale we saw in the afternoon, you can apretiate the diference in the shape of the dorsal fin

Cory's shearwaters were also very active around de dolphins

The sea was also plenty of loggerhead turtles

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