Monday, June 26, 2017

The day of Mr Liable

Today was the day of Mr Liable! We saw this animal both in the morning and in the afternoon. We could see its tail out the water so we had the perfect pictures to confirm the identity of the animal. Mr Liable is an adult male sperm whale, the lifespan for the sperm whales is at least 60-70 years, we don’t know how old Mr Liable is but we know that is already an adult because of its size. Male sperm whales reach the sexual maturity at the age of 18 more or less, when they are about 11 to 12 meters long, the estimated length of Mr Liable is 17 meters so this animal is a full-grown sperm whale.

In the morning, our clients for the full day tour went to the East and they were lucky enough to see fin whales… a migratory species that is still around!

The common dolphins were spotted one more day. We found a nice group with many babies as the one you can see in the picture below!

Photos from today:

Common dolphins (mother and baby)

Pictures from Mr Liable (morning and afternoon)

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