Saturday, June 24, 2017

What an incredible summer day!

Summer has finally arrived and these days have been the perfect example: sun shining and calm sea! 

The baleen whales are still passing by, today we saw them both in the morning and in the afternoon. 
The species of baleen whale that we saw today was fin whale, the second largest animal in the world. They were with feeding behavior, but between the feeding dives, we could see them really calm surfacing several times close to our boats.

The resident sperm whales were spotted one more day. In the morning tour, we could see two of them surfacing for a while before going for a deep dive. In the afternoon tour, we had another encounter with a male sperm whale, Mr Liable. We arrived to the area of Mr Liable when it was about to dive so could see just the tail from the distance (totally worth it)!

The common dolphins were not far away from Ponta Delgada today but they were really spread out in the area… We could see small groups bow riding in front of our boats. The clients from the swimming with the dolphins tour in the afternoon were lucky enough to swim with a nice group of bottlenose dolphins!

Photos from today:

Sperm whale next to our zodiac boat

 Fin whale surfacing

 The dorsal fin from the fin whale

Sperm whale going for a deep dive

Fin whale from the afternoon tour

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