Thursday, June 8, 2017

World Oceans Day with whales and dolphins!

The 8th of June is the World Oceans Day! In Futurismo we had the perfect day to celebrate such an important date. 

We went out in the morning to see 4 four different species of cetaceans. We found different groups of common and bottlenose dolphins but the highlight of the tour was the sighting of three blue whales and a fin whale travelling together with a synchronization that seemed planned to offer us an amazing spectacle, to the eyes with their majestic giant bodies but also to the ears as their blows had an intense sound when they surfaced close to us. Our clients could see perfectly well the differences from these two species of baleen whale, they have different coloration and the size of the dorsal fin is different as well. From the boat, we usually see just one third of the body length of the whale: the blowholes, the back of the animal and the dorsal fin but yesterday we were lucky enough to see also the tail from the majestic blue whale!

In the afternoon tour, we found common dolphins, a big group that it was playful and curious with our catamaran Quatro Ventos. The whales that we found in the afternoon were not as calm as the ones in the morning but we had the opportunity to see them really well. They were two fin whales with feeding behavior.

To finish the World Oceans Day we had a special event in Futurismo. Our biologist Miranda did a special presentation about the biodiversity in the archipelago of the Azores a great opportunity to know more about our devoted ocean!

Photos from the World Oceans Day: 

The tail from the blue whale

Blue whale about to dive

The tail of one of the blue whales and the blue shadow of another one

Common dolphins surfing the waves

Dorsal fin from the blue whale

 World Oceans Day in Futurismo

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