Thursday, July 6, 2017

A thousand dolphins and sperm whales!

Now it's a good time to do whale and dolphin watching! Since the beginning of the summer the conditions have been amazing... calm sea and a lot of sun! In addition, there is a great diversity and abundance of animals. There are many species of dolphins around, and the pods are huge with plenty of juveniles and calves. About whales, now it's the time of transition between baleen whales and sperm whales. 

In the morning, we saw a family of sperm whales, resting and continuously going on shallow dives. After the whales, a thousand dolphins were around! Several groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins joined us on the long way back. In the afternoon, common dolphins, a big male sperm whale and a lot of Atlantic spotted were with us again. 

As you can see, every single day we try to pick up plastic from the ocean. Plastic pollution is one of our bigger problems around.. not only for marine also affects us! Please Recycle and  Re-use, but most importantly Reduce plastic as much as you can! It's good for you and good for everyone.

Photos from today:

Picking up plastic from the ocean
Family of sperm whales
Male sperm whale on the afternoon trip

Common dolphins with Cory's shearwaters while feeding this morning

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins from our catamaran

Common dolphins

Loggerhead turtle

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