Monday, July 17, 2017

Afternoon with resident dolphins

Today we had great summer conditions on both tours, even we got some rain at the end of the morning tour! We enjoyed several dolphin species during our tours. In the morning we saw a few Risso's dolphins, not very friendly, but close enough to let us see them! Bottlenose dolphins were very close to our boat, and Atlantic spotted dolphins showed up with a lot of babies in their group. During the morning we also managed  to see some very fast striped dolphins jumping. Amazing ones!

In the afternoon, we saw Risso's dolphins again, but this time a bigger group, that was very calm. So great to see!! We really enjoyed them, and we perfectly manage to distinguish between the older ones (very white) and the young ones, which are almost completely black. Bottlenose dolphins were seen as well, and common dolphins were around with babies. It was an afternoon with resident dolphins!

Photos from today:
Risso's dolphin mother and calve (notice the different colours, mother wither, baby darker)

Striped dolphins jumping this morning

Atlantic spotted dolphins (adult with spots on the back, juvenile in the front)

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

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