Sunday, July 16, 2017

Animals close to Ponta Delgada

Today we had a great day at the sea! We didn’t have to travel as far as other days; the animals were close to Ponta Delgada! Both in the morning and in the afternoon we could see the tail from the famous male sperm whale: Mr Liable. Our clients were amazed for the majestic tail of this animal, something difficult to forget! The animal was doing dives for 45 minutes and spending at the surface around 10 minutes so we were lucky to see it for a while before diving again.

The common dolphins and the Atlantic spotted dolphins were together in the same area, it is quite common to see these two species of dolphins together as they feed the same kind of fish. The clients from the morning tour were lucky enough to see a nice pod of bottlenose dophins. What a day!

Photos from today:

Mr Liable going for a deep dive

Baby common dolphin

Common dolphins close to our zodiac

 Common dolphin surfacing

Atlantic spotted dolphins with babies

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