Saturday, July 29, 2017

Another Bryde's whale encounter

We started the beautiful summers day with a Bryde's whale - the second of the year (the first was yesterday) and the first year since 2013 that we are encountering this rare species here. We had to go far to the east to encounter it, but it was well worth the scenic boat ride. We also enjoyed a huge group of curious Atlantic spotted dolphins this morning, another seasonal species that prefers warmer waters, just like the Bryde's whale. In the afternoon we were just as lucky with the Bryde's whale, so it seems that they are here a while to stay and take advantage of the plentiful supply of mackerel in our waters. In the area of one of the Bryde's whales we also came across an oceanic manta ray close to the surface, accompanied by several remora fish and pilot fish. The last treat for the day was a nice group of at least 100 common dolphins close to the shore.

Photos from the morning:

One of our boats with the Bryde's whale

Bryde's whale

Bryde's whale

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

A beautiful encounter with Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Manta birostris with pilot fish and two remora

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