Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Four species of cetaceans

Today the morning tour started with flat sea and blue ocean, not far away from Ponta Delgada we found two species of dolphins: Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins. The sea was so calm that we could see the dolphins through the water with a beautiful light, allowing us to take nice pictures of baby dolphins! After the sighting of the dolphins we went to the “whale area”, there were two sperm whales swimming side by side doing shallow dives. This time we couldn’t see their tails but we were happy enough to see them blowing. The swimmers found a group of bottlenose dolphins so we saw a total of 4 species in the morning.
In the afternoon tour we saw the same number species but different animals. The sperm whale that we saw in the afternoon was the famous Mr Liable, as usual we were lucky to see its tail! After seeing the male sperm whale we went to see the dolphins, the Atlantic spotted dolphins were in a big area feeding together with the birds, what a show!

Photos from today:

 Mr Liable in the afternoon

Mr Liable blowing

The two sperm whales in the morning

Dolphin watching

Baby Atlantic spotted dolphin

Two of our boats

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