Thursday, July 27, 2017

Horrible weather but a great experience!

Today on the South Coast on São Miguel we had a rather difficult day as the weather conditions were very bad and misty, which meant that it was difficult for the Lookout to see Sperm Whales. Instead, we had a day dedicated to dolphins, as even the bad weather didn´t stop us from finding them! In the morning we saw Common Dolphins and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. The Common Dolphin pod had lots of babies which was wonderful to see. They were very excited and curious, jumping lots and putting on an amazing (and very cute) show for the spectators. We also spent some time having a closer look at Vila Franca Islet, and had some fantastic views of many Cory´s Shearwaters taking flight. In the afternoon we saw more Common Dolphins and also Bottlenose Dolphins, on one of the zodiac boats even got a lucky encounter with Sperm Whales. The encounter with the Bottlenose Dolphins was incredible, with about 80 individuals in front of the boat! They were bowriding, jumping, leaping, riding the waves and generally creating an amazing exprience for all of us watching. Obviously the dolphins didn´t care about the bad weather today!

Photos from today:

Common Dolphin bowriding
Common Dolphin mother and calf wake riding in the distance
Adult Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Swimming with 80 curious Bottlenose Dolphins around

Big flocks of Cory's Shearwaters taking off

Red Rock Crabs on the Islet Vila Franca do Campo

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