Saturday, July 22, 2017

Morning with dolphins afternoon with sperm whales!

Today we had very different tours in the morning and in the afternoon. In here, as we always say, every tour is different, very often the tours are similar but other times they are completely different. Cetaceans are animals that are always in movement; they never stop swimming, so in every tour our lookouts have to relocate them. The sky was a bit cloudy the morning and we went out there with different boats; in that tour we saw common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We also found a big hammerhead shark that was swimming calmly and close to the surface, it approach one of our boats, it was very exiting. In the afternoon an amazing family of sperm whales all together and very calm swimming side by side. Normally with sperm whales, after their feeding time they gather and they continue all together traveling and swimming to another place. We had the luck to catch that moment. When arriving to the area we saw two, then they were three, then four... we counted up to seven but probably they were more in the way. When we were returning we also found a big group of bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale family all togheter, generaly composed by females and young males

We will chek in our catalogue if this white marks in the dorsal are already in our catalogue

Loggerhead turtle

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