Sunday, July 2, 2017

Seven species in one day

Today we tried our luck going west and we were succesful. In the morning we found in the calm ocean several flying fish, a fin whale, a very big sperm whale male and porpoising striped dolphins from the Catamaran. The zodiacs managed to have a short sighting of an unidentified beaked whale species. On the swim with dolphins tours the Atlantic spotted dolphins joined the swimmers in the morning and the afternoon trip. In the afternoon the sun came out to great us together with fin whales, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Besides all this cetaceans we met a loggerhead turtle, more flying fish and different seabirds like Cory shearwaters, yellow leged seagulls and common terns.

Photos from today:

 Flying fish

 sperm whale male behind zodiac

 striped dolphins porpoising

 fin whales

Mosteiros islets

Fin whale surfacing

A group of bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphin at the surface

A common dolphin with a pale coloration 

Dolphin watching from the catamaran Cetus

Yellow legged gull

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