Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sperm whales everywhere

It was an incredible day today! We had trips on the north and south coast and many species sighted. In the north the sea was like a mirror and it was not necessary to move far from the shore to see several Sperm Whales. We were still very lucky to see a rather rare species ... Beaked Whales. Common Dolphins have marked presence in all our trips. On the south coast, beyond the Common Dolphins, we also saw a Sperm Whale already well known here on our page ... Mr Liabe !!! In the morning he was really lazy. He did not want to show his tail, and it seemed that he wanted to slap the water with the tail ... but laziness won and he did not, but he ended up showing his tail very high. On our afternoon trip we see Mr Liable again, but with his normal behavior. After resting a little on the surface he dove raising its majestic tail.

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale- Mr Liable blow

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale- Mr Liable tale

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale- Head

Delphinus delphis | Common dolphin

Beaked Whale- North Coast

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