Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sperm whale family

Our lookout was guiding us to an area far away yesterday but it was worth every mile we went out. Both in the morning and the afternoon we managed to find sperm whales in calm water. In the morning they were separated in small groups of mothers and calves, but several were to be seen in a short period of time coming and going for shallow dives. We managed to see one tail, relatively close to oursmall boat. In the afternoon the sperm whales were socialising so we could see them close to each other, with a total of around 8 individuals, among them also calves. On both trips we spent some time with dolphins around our boats. In the mornig we had the Atlantic spotted dolphins close and the common dolphins were visible in the distance. The common dolphins were showing their nice colourful pattern next to our boats in the afternoon. We could see some leaps in the distance of the Atlantic spotted dolphins while making our long way of 20 miles from Ponta Delgada.

Photos from today:

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins
Sperm whale adult and calf

Swimming with common dolphins

Sperm Whale Tale

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