Friday, July 14, 2017

Sperm whales in deep waters

Today we started out in the morning with plenty of dolphins from several different species. From all boats we managed to see our resident common dolphins, and the seasonal Atlantic spotted dolphins. It is very usual at this time of the year to see a lot of newborn calves, and today was no exception as we got to see a lot of them. From our catamaran we also encountered a bottlenose dolphin among one of the groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins, and from one of our zodiac boats a group of striped dolphins was also seen in the morning. In the afternoon we received the news from our onshore lookout that sperm whales were sighted far to the west, in an area about 3000 metres deep. It was a long trip but we went the extra mile to show our guests this iconic species of the Azores. Thos that went out on our zodiac boats that went out earlier got to see some breaching (jumping out of the water) of the sperm whales. We had a lot of whales around and we all managed to have a good look. We also had a third tour today in which the sperm whales were encountered again, as well as many dolphins which make an appearance in almost every trip.

Photos from today:

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Watching Atlantic spotted dolphins

 A curious bottlenose dolphin

The western part of São Miguel Island with the islets of Mosteiros

Sperm whale

Sperm whale blow

Another sperm whale from the group

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