Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sperm whales in the same area as the days before

 Today again, the sperm whaleswere in the same area where we have been seeing them, in the east part of the south coast of Sao Miguel island. That area is an important feeding area for our resident whale species, today a big family was there; when day are feeding is quite exiting as they keep showing their tails when they go on their long feeding dives; we have at least five tails to check in our catalogue! As soon as we know something we will infor you
Even thought the trips are long, they really worth it, as many whales are around, surfacing  and diving at different times.
Common and spotted dolphins were seen during the trip also, as the sea is full of them!

Sperm whale photos taken from our catamaran:

Photos taken from our zodiac boats:

Sperm whale diving

An adult sperm whale that surfaced a bit after we arrived to the area

Some of the whales were in small groups of three or four, with babies around

More sperm whales diving


Whenever we can we remove debris such as plastic and nets out of the water. Sadly this is one of the biggest threats to marine life

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