Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Three resident species and one seasonal!

Today we were lucky to find three different species of dolphins and a male sperm whale! We started with common dolphins, close to Ponta Delgada; once again the group was with many babies, some of them just newborns! The baby dolphins were active at the surface… we could see them leaping out of the water! The next species we encountered was the Atlantic spotted dolphin; they were feeding in the area together with the Cory’s shearwaters. Not far away from the area of the Atlantic spotted dolphins we founded a group of one of our resident species: bottlenose dolphins. After seeing three different species of dolphins we head to the East to arrive to the area where the lookout saw a male sperm whale. When we arrived to the area the sperm whale was diving so we had to wait for 50 min for the animal to come up to the surface to breath, nobody said nature was easy!
Once the sperm whale was at the surface we could see it for a while, blowing and travelling quite fast. We were lucky enough to see the tail of the animal. The sperm whale was a new individual for our tail catalogue, an individual unknown to us so far. We were very happy to re-encounter this big male in the afternoon. Even though this time he did not show us his tail it was still an impressive encounter. The afternoon was completed again with the presence of a lot of dolphins everywhere. While we were travelling we came across several groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins and we got to enjoy a longer stop with one of the groups of spotted dolphins. Some of us even saw a fairly large manta ray in the afternoon! It was another great summers day in São Miguel.

Photos from the morning:

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping in front of our zodiac

 Atlantic spotted dolphin bowriding a ship

Mum and baby common dolphin

Dolphins and Cory's shearwaters feeding together

Bottlenose dolphin

A playful bottlenose dolphin

 The blow from the sperm whale

Sperm whale going for a deep dive

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