Saturday, July 15, 2017

Whales in the Far West

Today it has been a great day with five different species sighted, even one we were not able to identify it!
In the morning tour, after seeing the common dolphins, two of our boats head to the very Far West! And even very hard to find, we found three sperm whales. Also a baleen whale was seen by one of our boats, probably a small sei whale, but we are not totally convinced about it! Even it was a short time with the whales, it was worthwile! We remember today that if we want the prize, we should try. Never give up!

In the afternoon, we saw again the common dolphins, with plenty of babies in their group, Atlantic spotted dolphins and also several groups of bottlenose dolphins. Without any doubt, today the bottlenose were the most amazing, friendly and curious, jumping and always very close to our boats. Two loggerhead turtles were sighted as well, one of them with a pilot fish underneath. Great shearwaters are seen almost every day now, hiden among the Cory's and today as well a Sooty shearwater.

On the way back, once again we pick up bottles and plastic bags from the ocean. It is a shame that everyday we are finding more and more. But every single drop helps, so here in Futurismo we keep on trying to reduce our impact! Are you?

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Loggerhead turtle with a pilot fish underneath

Bottlenose dolphin

Great shearwater (Puffinus gravis)

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