Thursday, August 17, 2017

6 sperm whale males in the morning and 6 species in the afternoon

What a day! On the Catamaran Cetus we started with a special encounter this morning. First we saw big blows in the distance, as we came closer we counted 3 sperm whales travelling at the surface. By their size and their large head, which is bulkier in the bulls, we concluded that they must be males. Normally females form groups and adult males are solitary, so it was a big surprise. Suddenly the number of individuals doubled. Watching six big animals coordinating their travelling in a line formation is not a regular sight at all.
On the zodiacs we also saw common dolphins, spotted dolphins and Bryde's whales during the morning tours.
In the afternoon on the catamaran we found our recently observed mother with her calf, which were the tropical Bryde's whales again, but this time they were not far from the harbour entrance. As we continued our trip we came across Risso's dolphins and a bit later common dolphins. Later we managed to observe five of the big sperm whale males but this time preparing for a deep sea dive. One after the other they "waved goodbye" with their majestic flukes before disappearing in the depths. On our way back we were visited by a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins. On the zodiacs we sighted bottlenose dolphins which brings the species number up to 6. Topping our average by 4 species!

Photos from today:
Four of the six sperm whale males at the surface in the morning

Bryde's whale mother and calf synchronizing their breathing

Adult Risso's dolphin finishing his exhalation

Common dolphin presenting his colorful hourglass design accompanied by a Cory's shearwater

Two of the sperm whale males fluking

Atlantic spotted dolphin breaching with something in or on it's beak

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