Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A perfect summer day with plenty of whales, dolphins and other marine life

Today was the perfect day to enjoy being out on the ocean. The sky and water very both very clear blue and it was very calm so we could see the animals very well through the water. Throughout the day we encountered many different cetacean species among the different boats. In the morning we started with playful common dolphins and then continued far to the west to see two Bryde's whales (the mother and calf pair we have been seeing the past weeks. In the afternoon we had a mix of Bryde's whales and sei whales in the same area, so it was a bit tricky knowing which was which, as both species are very similar. We also encountered the beautiful common dolphins in the afternoon, and Atlantic spotted dolphins were seen from one of the boats. From our catamaran "Cetus" we had a beautiful encounter with a loggerhead turtle, and from one of the small boats a sicklefin devil ray, shark and blue marlin were also seen. What a perfect day out on the ocean!

Photos from today:

A beautiful day on São Miguel island

Common dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphin

One of the many baitballs of fish we saw through the water

An encounter with a Bryde's whale

Bryde's whale mother and calf

Bryde's whale mother and calf

Bryde's whale calf head

Loggerhead turtle

Another beautiful common dolphins

Our catamaran "Quatro ventos"

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