Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Baby Bryde's whale

This morning we went out to find a lovely surprise - a very small baby Bryde's whale alongside its mother. This year we have been lucky to see a few of these rare whales that don't show up in the Azores every year, but it was our first baby Bryde's whale of the year. The mother and calf were very calm, spending long periods at the surface, and the calf was surfacing high so we could see its head very well out of the water. Our morning tour was completed by some lovely bottlenose dolphins and a huge and active group of Atlantic spotted dolphins from the catamaran Cetus and instead of Atlantic spotted dolphins we had a curious group of common dolphins on the catamaran Quatro Ventos. In the afternoon we found the same mother and calf of Bryde's whales and a big pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins at times behaving like striped dolphins porpoising, which means that they were swimming very fast, leaping flat out of the water. The water looked like boiling and there was always a part of the group out of the water.

Photos from today:

Bryde's whale calf surfacing alongside its mother

Bryde's whale calf surfacing high alongside its mother

Brydes whale calf (left side) and mother (right side, with a huge blow)

Adult Bryde's whale

Bottlenose dolphin face

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Watching Atlantic spotted dolphins from the bow of our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphins seen in the mornig from Quatro Ventos

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