Friday, August 18, 2017

Bryde's whales and dolphins

The Bryde's whale mother and calf pair that we have been seeing the past 2 days are still here. In the morning they were very close to shore and close to Ponta Delgada, as they were yesterday afternoon. Later in the day they were more to the east, but still not far from our base. It's been really nice to be able to see these two whales who are always very calm around our boats. The calf is always surfacing with its head very hight out of the water so we get to see it really well. As well as these whales we also encountered a well known group of bottlenose dolphins throughout the day (the group we refer to as Bubblemaker's group) and also common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Photos from today:

Playful bottlenose dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin tail

Bryde's whlale mother and calf (surfacing with its head high out of the water)

Bryde's whale mother and calf

1 comment:

profesorayalumna said...

It was a really unique experience, one of the most beautiful and intense ones in our lives. Watching these living beings free in their natural habitat was amazing. We could feel the power and the majesty of Mother Nature. It was so moving.
Grateful regards from Barcelona! <3

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