Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Bryde's whales are still here!

Today the ocean was a little bit more wavy but we are still seeing baleen whales, the two Bryde’s whales that have been around in the latest days; an adult with a baby we can witness even how fast the baby is growing! A solitary male sperm whale has been seen also in the morning tour; it was feeding that’s why we had the opportunity to see its tail two times; in the afternoon it was not around anymore.
In the morning we observed a very big family of bottlenose dolphins in between the sperm whale sighting.
In between wind and waves we managed to refind our mother and calf of the Bryde's whales again. This is definitely the year of the baleen whales, so many sights since March!

Photos from today:

Big pod of bottlenose dolphins 

Bryde's whale baby exposing its head (the three ridges are visible) alongside its mother
Sperm whale male hyperventilating

Sperm whale male ready to dive

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