Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dolphin diversity

Today it was a little more windy and the sea was moving more than in previous days. However,  had some great tours in which we encountered a diverse range of dolphin groups with different behaviours. In the morning we started with a small group of bottlenose dolphins that were more interested in diving, perhaps in search of food, than they were in us. So we left them to it and followed up with a really big and playful group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. This group was very active, jumping out of the waves and accompanied by some very young calves. We finished our morning tour with a calm but curious group of common dolphins. In the afternoon we added another dolphin species to our list from today: the Risso's dolphin. This species is typically more shy that the others, but today we got to see them really well, and it was a large group that was spread out. We also got to see common dolphins in the afternoon, which were being very social and often mating and leaping out of the waves.

Photos from the morning:

Watching Atlantic spotted dolphins from aboard our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and calf

Swimming with Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphin

Common dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

Risso's dolphin with its typical "smile"

Risso's dolphin

A Risso's dolphin surfacing high

Leaping common dolphin

Watching playful common dolphins

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