Monday, August 7, 2017

Dolphins leading us to the whales

Today, was such a great day for whale watching. We encountered many different species. During our morning tour we were able to spot a sei whale. Normally we see this whale species during the spring months or in early summer and it was a great sighting for us now in August! We could also manage to see sperm whales, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. On our afternoon tour we saw an acrobatic group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that were leading us to a group of sperm whales with a young calf. We were able to watch them for a long while. It was a great day for all of us!

Photos from today:

Sei whale this morning
Common dolphins this morning

Sei whale (look at the ridge in the middle of the head)

Sperm whale with its head out of the water
Two sperm whales this morning: female on the left, younger one on the right fluking

Female sperm whale tail (the one on the left of the previous photo)

Two sperm whales on the surface

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping

Atlantic spotted dolphin calf jumping

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