Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A perfect union of whales and weather

During our morning tour we had the  opportunity to see the rare Bryde's whale again. We encountered several individuals that surfaced close to our boat. We were able to view them for quite some time. It is really special for us to see this species again after an absence of 4 years. We only started to see them again last Friday. We confirmed the sighted species by looking at our photographs of the top their heads, which have 3 parallel ridges on them, rather than only one ridge that similar species have.

On our afternoon tour we encountered the Bryde's whales again. We were also lucky enough to get a quick look at our famous Sperm whale Mr Liable who showed us his magnificent tail fluke before he went on a deep dive. On both trips we also saw bottlenose dolphins which were very playful. 

Photos from today:

Bryde's whale surfacing beside our catamaran

Mr. Liable fluke, even on the distance!

Bryde's whale

Typical blow of the Bryde's whale

Bottlenose dolphins with our catamaran

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