Monday, August 14, 2017

Great summer day!

Today we enjoyed our day surrounded by dolphins and sperm whales. In the morning tour we went further east to find several sperm whales. Along the way we found a large group of bottlenose dolphins, and when we arrived, after a very short wait, we started to see sperm whales. Here and there, some blows and tails. At least four tails! While waiting for the sperm whales to come up, from our small boats we found a not very curious pod of striped dolphins. On the way back, we were delighted with a magnific group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, as well as hundreds of Cory's shearwaters flying around. Mirror like waters were amazing when we were with those dolphins. Also bottlenose were sighted when coming back, and common dolphins at least from the swimming boats! And just to let you know... amazing mantas this summer, this is the right time to come and enjoy! In the afternoon we went out again for whale watching and swimming with dolphin and we were not dissapointed by the huge groups of bottlenose dolphins waiting out there for us. It wasn't just one group, but two. Both groups were very active as they were socialising and curious. We got to see many very high jumps as they put on an amazing show.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale

Sperm whale fluking 
Atlantic spotted dolphins with Cory's shearwaters around

Atlantic spotted dolphin flying with Cory's shearwaters :) 
Bottlenose dolphins

Photos of the bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon:

Watching the bottlenose dolphins from aboard our catamaran

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