Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jumping dolphins and a day with sperm whales

Today we had beautiful weather combined with some beautiful sightings, seeing three species on each tour! In the morning we saw common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and sperm whales. The water was very clear today meaning that we were able to see the dolphins amazingly even when they were underwater! In the afternoon we saw at least 500 Atlantic spotted dolphins, sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins. The Atlantic spotted dolphins were very active, leaping out of the water and body slapping to remove remoras – these are fish that attach themselves to the dolphin´s bodies with a large sucker that they have on their head. The dolphins jumping was a beautiful sight to witness. We also saw two sperm whales that showed their beautiful tails, and had a lucky glimpse of a sunfish!

Photos from today:

Delphinus delphis | Common dolphin

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale

Physeter macrocephalus | Sperm whale

Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin

Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin

Photos from the aboard the catamaran Cetus:

Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins

Mating common dolphin

Four sperm whales seen together in the morning

Sperm whale dorsal 

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Playful common dolphin

Playful common dolphins

Approaching a sperm whale

Sperm whale diving

Atlantic spotted dolphins puting on a show

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Adult Atlantic spotted dolphin

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