Friday, August 4, 2017

Playful dolphins and a family of sperm whales

Today we started the morning tour with different species of dolphins spread out over the south coast of São Miguel Island. From our different boats we encountered different groups from a total of 4 different species: common dolhins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins.  So, we had great dolphins encounters for all to enjoy. In the afternoon we started with a family of sperm whales that came to visit us on the south coast. In total there were at least 7 different individuals in the area, so once again all of us from the different boats got to enjoy various encounters. From aboard our catamaran "Cetus" for example we encountered two very curious adults, one that we could identify as "Sumo Wrestler" from the marks on her tail when she dived. We ended the afternoon as we started the morning, with a nice group of common dolphins.

Photos from today:

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin leaping

Dolphin watching aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

Two adult sperm whales side by side

A sperm whale we call "Sumo Wrestler"

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