Sunday, August 6, 2017

Three different dolphin species

Today was another fantastic dolphin day here in São Miguel. In total we encountered 3 different species throughout the day. We started with one of our more rare species: the Risso's dolphin. Although this species is resident here we don't see them as often as other residents, maybe because the groups are typically smaller and they tend to be more shy. This morning however, they put on a bit of a show for us. They were very social and active at the surface and they had a small calf among them. Our next species was the Atlantic spotted dolphin, first a small group also with a calf (a very recently born calf that still had its dorsal fin bent over from being in the womb and was still being supported by the adults). We also came across several larger groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins throughout the day and we got to see many different types of behaviours including some very nice jumps. In the afternoon we added third species to the list: the bottlenose dolphin. This resident species is much larger than the previous two we encountered today, so it was a nice to enjoy this group of about 30 individuals. We now have our last swimming boats going out to enjoy some more encounters with some of these dolphins.

Photos from today:

Risso's Dolphin Calf exhaling next to its mother

Pod of Risso's Dolphins of different age classes
Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin jump
Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin baby
Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin 
Stenella frontalis | Atlantic spotted dolphin playing

Risso's Dolphins swimming in different directions

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