Thursday, August 24, 2017

Whale watching after training in whale waiting

This morning the ocean was calmer and we had just a bit of wind. While we were looking for the sperm whales that were doing shallow dives we observed some high leaps of Atlantic spotted dolphins. Some were approaching the boat and got a free ride on our bow wave. We continued trying our luck to see if we find the sperm whales again to show a bit more then a 45 degrees angled blow in the distance. Our patience got rewarded and finally we managed to see at least 4 different whales at the surface, all swimming relatively close to each other. When they went again under water we could see some tails and some backs arching higher up. This time we could not identify individuals by their flukes but one was with a lot of white markings all over its body. This data which we collect on our trips on the Catamaran is very valuable for our research with aim of conservation. In the afternoon we found a similar situations as in the morning, we arrived in the sperm whale area and got a short glimpse of Atlantic spotted dolphins in the suns glare, splashing as they were heading off. After some shallow dives one or two sperm whales appeared at the surface to breath. We managed to see one quite well travelling against the waves lifting his head higher out of the water to make sure to inhale air before it went on it's next shallow dive. The swimming with dolphins was successful, in the morning with Atlantic spotted dolphins and in the afternoon with bottlenose dolphins in the east.

Photos from today:

Young Atlantic spotted dolphin

Two sperm whales blowing
Two sperm whales arching up for a shallow dive

Sperm whale on the afternoon trip

Tall ship on its way to Ponta Delgada

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