Tuesday, September 12, 2017

4 dolphin species and beaked whales

During our morning trip we started to see some bottlenose dolphins, the pod was not very big but they were playful and very curious about our boat, doing a lot of bow riding. Later we could spot a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins but they were not very interested in us so we left them alone and found a different pod with a lot more dolphins, more playful and more curious and of course with a lot of babies (common at this time of the year).
In the afternoon trip we began with a smaller pod of striped dolphins that were always diving and would not let us approach to much, so again, we had to respect them and leave the dolphins alone. The second species of the afternoon was the Atlantic spotted dolphins with a lot of babies, like in the morning, and in the beginning they were a little bit shy but eventually they started to approach us and started to surf the waves of the boat …they really like to have fun! We continued our trip and we were able to see for a few seconds Sowerby's beaked whales but they dived right after we arrived …very shy species unfortunately. In the end of our trip we encountered a pod of common dolphins that were very nice to watch!

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphins about to surface seen through the calm water surface

Bottlenose dolphins joining our boat

Striped dolphins, also called the managers of the sea usually on a hurry

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins of different age classes

Atlantic spotted dolphins with baby among them

Sowerby's beaked whale
Common dolphins from the zodiac

Common dolphins porpoising not an usual sight

Common dolphin breaching

Common dolphin on its approach to ckeck us out

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