Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A familiar family of sperm whales

Today we had a familiar family of sperm whales (who we refer to as the green group) off the south coast of São Miguel island. It took a while for one of our small boats to find the whales, but eventually they were found and a tail was seen. We all got to enjoy common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins during the morning, so everyone got to have some nice encounters. In the afternoon we found the whales early so we could all enjoy them. We saw several different individuals and all the adults in this family group showed us their tails. From their tails we could identify three individuals from the green group: "Haily", "Dilys" (seen with a baby) and "Sumo wrestler". We also had a nice encounter with some of our resident Risso's dolphins as well as common dolphins in the afternoon.

Photos from the today:

Atlantic spotted dolphins from the morning

"Hailey" going on a dive

"Hailey" going on a dive

"Dilys" accompanied by a young juvenile

"Dilys" going on a dive

"Dilys" going on a dive

The tail of "Sumo wrestler"

Juvenile Risso's dolphin

Adult Risso's dolphin

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