Sunday, September 3, 2017

All our swimming with dolphins' species

All our dolphin species were sighted today. In the morning tours we saw a very nice group of bottlenose dolphins and further away from Ponta Delgada, one of our boats saw as well another group of Risso's dolphins. There were a lot of juveniles in the group, or at least not very old ones, as most of them were quite dark. Common dolphins and Atlantic spotted were around as well, also for our "Swimming with Dolphins" boats.

In the afternoon, the same group of bottlenose dolphins was sighted quite close to the shore. As our lookouts were not seeing far offshore because of the haze, we went with our Catamaran on search ourselves. First we found a flock of Cory's shearwaters with a fin among them. It looked like a Marlin. As they don't need to breath on the surface, they disappear suddenly out of sight again. Finally we had a very nice encounter with active Risso's dolphins. They were tail slapping, flipper slapping and even breaching! These behaviors are not common at all in this species. That's why we were enjoying it very much. Many thanks to our Captain Mario, which was choosing to go east, where he found this spectacular group.

During the last days we are seeing as well plenty of great shearwaters. We usually sea more Cory's shearwaters, sometimes even only this species,  but it looks like this is the best time to see great shearwaters around, easy to distinguish from the Cory's because of their white necklace.

Photos from today:

Young Risso's dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Risso's dolphins

Common dolphins approaching our boat surfing

Adult Atlantic spotted dolphins surfacing in our bow

Bottlenose dolphin from the afternoon

Tail slapping Risso's dolphin in the back while another one is about to breath in the front

Breaching Risso's Dolphin

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