Sunday, September 10, 2017

Mysticeti and Odontoceti friends

Today we have had a great day. In the morning we saw a very active group of Atlantic spotted dolphins.. It looks like "love is in the sea" this season. Those dolphins have been mating very actively during the last few days! Which we think it is a good sign for this healthy population :) Furthermore, we found two different whale species. One baleen whale, a sei whale, and one sperm whale resting calm after jumping far away from us. The sei whale was always travelling and show us perfectly its huge dorsal fin. Usually, sei whales pass by the Azores in late spring early summer, in theory when they are travelling further north to the north Atlantic feeding grounds. But this year we have seen them around during summer and now.. May be they are travelling back south.. or may be they are just feeding around the Azores. Not too many sightings of sei whales have been recorded in September around these islands! So many things to keep on learning about them! In the area there were plenty of Cory's shearwaters too. The sperm whale was the same animal we sighted yesterday, with a white patch on the back and with a very characteristic tail that was shown to us just before starting our way back.

In the afternoon we found a giant group of atlantic spotted dolphins, full of energy and many groups mating. We also saw a large group of common dolphins and found our friends in last trips ... Peregrine and Elsemiek, two sperm whales that showed their tails high up

Photos from today:

Sei whale this morning
Back of the sperm whale of this morning

Sperm whale fluking
Peregrine whale tail (Sperm Whale)

Very active Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Cory's shearwater

Elsemiek Tail (Sperm Whale)

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