Saturday, September 9, 2017

Official breaching day!

Today was such a memorable day for whale watching in the south coast of São Miguel island! In the morning trip we were able to spot 3 different species! We started the day with our season species, the Atlantic spotted dolphins! A big pod that in the beginning were with feeding behaviour but it was quite fast to stop searching for fishes and started bow ridding our boat! After that, our lookout spotted some blows! When we were arriving the area, a body just jumped out of the ocean and it was a calf Sperm whale breaching! Breached around 7 times in a row and after that a female just surfaced near the calf. In the end we saw 3 different individuals and we were lucky enough to see tails! We finished our trip with our resident species of dolphins, the bottlenose dolphin. They just performed a show off show and we returned to Ponta Delgada.
In the afternoon trip, the sea conditions were quite different. The wind started to blow stronger and the sea was quite wavy. After travelling for about 8 miles, some dolphins were jumping to us! Once again were the curious Atlantic spotted dolphins. We were seeing them when suddenly a sperm whale decided to breach and our lookout spotted it! The boats moved to the area (about 16 miles from Ponta Delgada) and we the sperm whales were still breaching! It was an amazing moment and an amazing day!
An adult Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping out of the water.


Bottlenose dolphin and a Cory shearwater flying near it

Sperm whale breach!
An adult female sperm whale fluking with the calf close to her
Sperm whale surfacing. Notice the white marks near the dorsal fin
Sperm whale approaching our boat

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