Friday, September 8, 2017

Sperm whales in ocean full of dolphins

This morning we had several encounters of various species like the resident common dolphins and the Risso's dolphins and the seasonal Atlantic spotted dolphins. The zodiacs managed to see a sei whale or two, which is not a regular sight at this time of the year. In the afternoon we found some sperm whales and again several groups of Atlantic spotted dolphins and from a zodiac some common dolphins too. We got the chance to enjoy some sperm whale tails and active behavior of the Atlantic spotted dolphins. They were approaching with speed to our vessels to ride the bow or made some acrobatic leaps a bit further away. We also met seabirds like Cory's shearwaters and great shearwaters even one bird with a huge fish (compared to its body size) in its mouth, so that we could witness its success from the distance.

Photos from today:

Sei whale this morning

Sei whale this morning

Family of sperm whales with Santa Maria Island as background

Three of the sperm whales this afternoon

One of the flukes of the sperm whales family today

Common dolphin and Cory's shearwater behind
Adult Atlantic Spotted dolphin in the foreground younger one and Cory's shearwater in the background 

Atlantic spotted dolphin babies synchronizing their breaths

Our catamaran Cetus whale watching

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