Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 sighting statistics

June has been a busy month of whale watching, full of many great whale and dolphin sightings. This month we had encounters with 12 different cetacean species (6 whale and 6 dolphin species), making this month even better than the last two. Like last month the most sighted dolphin was the bottlenose dolphin, and the most sighted whale was the sperm whale, both of which are resident in the Azores. Sighting frequencies (percent of days sighted of all the days we went to sea) of all species can be seen in the graph above and common names are listed below (species most sighted are listed first):
It has been great to still see so many baleen whales (blue whale, fin whale, sei whale, humpback whale) still passing the Azores, as we are now reaching the end of the season for their migration past the Azores.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Humpback whale mega-jumper!

Finally we had the chance to see a full performance of a Humpback whale off São Miguel island, Azores. What a show of breaching (leaping out of the water)! It was a lucky sighting after 3 years of not seeing any humpback whales in these waters. The humpack whale was just a few miles south of Ponta Delgada.
This is as good as whale watching gets!
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