Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter whale watching

This year has begun with some whale watching trips but unfortunatelly we haven´t seen any whales yet. Instead the dolphins took their place and amused us with great jumps, splashes, everything we were expecting from the friendly common dolphins!!

16th, January:
We went out with the weather threatening to get a bit rainy and windy. We saw some spread out groups of common dolphins that were a bit shy and although it was dificult to find them through the waves, we did. During the tour we also saw tiny tiny sea turtle at the surface before it went down on a dive. Despite the cold wind everyone had a good time!

22nd, January:
Although the groups of dolphins are much smaller and spread out in the winter, we had the chance to see the common dolphins again. This time it was beautiful day without wind or cloud cover and the water was shining with the reflection of the sky! On this gorgeous day it seemed like there were common dolphins everywhere!! The groups were really small but most of them were very calm, friendly and jumping all over the place! Of course, when the animals look amused I try to take some pictures but it is not easy to take pictures of fast-moving and jumping dolphins! Either way, it was another successful day for the crew and clients alike.

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