Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sperm whale and bottlenose dolphin interacting

Today started off with a good feeling as we headed out of the marina and saw a segment of a beautiful bright rainbow over Ponta Delgada. Further out we encountered a group of at least 5 sperm whales surrounded by some very curious bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins wanted to play and were swimming around the whales' heads like they bowride in front of our boats. Unfortunately for the whales they get irritated by the presence of the dolphins so close to their heads. The interesting part for us was seeing how the whales were reacting to the dolphins. The whales were rolling around, slapping their tails, spyhopping and going on rushed dives (raising their heads out of the water). The show finished when the last whale remaining at the surface came up with it's mouth open just as a dolphin was jumping around it's head.

Photos from this tour:

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