Sunday, June 30, 2013

4 species on a sunny day

In the morning we had many encounters, with common dolphins together with spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales. We saw one bottlenose dolphin baby so small that it cannot be more then a few hours old. We also had swimming with these wonderful dolphins. In the afternoon we had a lovely encounter with a big pod of curious common dolphins. This group was full of calves, some of them just newborns. The next species that we saw was the bottlenose dolphin doing high jumps, amusing everyone! After a while we traveled to another area, trying to see sperm whales that were sighted and in the meantime we released some mail pigeons to train them (a request from a local resident). All of our boats waited a long time to see sperm whales in the place they were last spotted, but unfortunately nobody got to see a whale on this tour. However, everybody was happy with the wonderful dolphins!

Video from the morning:

Photos from the morning:

Travelling out on our catamaran "Cetus"

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphin

Sperm whale seen from our catamaran after a long wait

Sperm whale diving - we later confirmed this was a new individual we had not seen before

And the icing on the cake...a baby loggerhead turtle
Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphin next to our zodiac

A common dolphin with a flopped dorsal fin,
might be our friend Victor

Our zodiac boat

Our catamaran "Cetus"

Common dolphin playing around our catamaran

Watching common dolphins from our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphin jumping - almost a perfect shot!

Bottlenose dolphin surfing the waves behind our catmaran

Releasing mail pigeons to train them to find their way home

Rock pigeon (Columbia livia atlantis)

Photos from the full day:

Bottlenose dolphins
Sperm whale
Our zodiac boat 
Vila Franca island
The group of full day go back to Vila Franca
Our clients watching bottlenose dolphins

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another dolphin day

This morning our boats went out for what turned out to be another great dolphin day!
This time we encountered common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. Both species were in large groups that included many juveniles and also newborn calves. It's great to have the spotted dolphins back for another summer!

Photos from this morning:

Common dolphin calf jumping next to its mother

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and calf

Playful juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphins - adult and calf

Our swimming boat this morning

Red Bull Cliff Diving: Day 2

Photos from the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Common and Bottlenose dolphins and a difficult day for sperm whales

This morning we did swimming with dolphins (with common dolphins) and whale watching. First we encountered a group of bottlenose dolphins and we were able to identify 5 different individuals (4 adults and a juvenile). We watched them for a while and our biologists took photographs of the dorsal fins of the dolphins so we can later identify the individuals we encountered. Next we traveled east to an area where our onshore vigia had spotted some sperm whales. Unfortunately the whales were also travelling east, fairly fast, and we were headed directly into the waves. After some time we had to give and start heading back. Suddenly the skipper of one of our boats, Song of Whales, spotted the blow of a sperm whale, so in the end everybody on this boat was lucky to briefly see the sperm whale before it dived with its tail in the air! 
During the afternoon tour we saw a large group of common dolphins! and a young loggerhead turtle.

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins passing in front of our zodiac boat

These two bottlenose dophins can easily be identified by the marks on their dorsal fins

Our marine biologist Clara explaining more about the bottlenose dolphins we saw

Our zodiac boat

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphins and our zodiac boat

Clients of the fiber boat watching the common dolphins and our zodiac boat behind


Red Bull Cliff Diving - Day 1

Today all the other boats went whale watching accept our catamaran "Cetus" that went to Vila Franca Islet with journalists and photographers to see the practice jumping of the Red Bull Cliff Diving. It is an amazing event with brave divers jumping 27 meters into the Atlantic ocean. We will be there again tomorrow to witness the competition - so stay tuned!
If you want to see more photos from the diving today, click HERE to go to our Facebook page :)

To see photos from last year click HERE

Interested to know more about the wonderful Vila Franca Islet? Click HERE

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The spotted dolphins are back

The Atlantic spotted dolphins have returned to us for another summer! We had already seen them twice earlier this month, but this morning was the first time this year that we encountered a really large group of more than 60 spotted dolphins. During this morning's tour we also sighted a large and curious group of bottlenose dolphins. We had dolphins everywhere, including many small babies of both species.

Videos from this morning:

A huge group of Atlantic spotted dolphins filmed underwater beneath our boats

Atlantic spotted dolphins travelling at speed

Bottlenose dolphins swimming near our catamaran and looking at us

Photos from this morning:

Spotted dolphins
Adult spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins

"Song of whale" with a flying fish

Happy clients in our Zodiac boat

Lots of spotted dolphin approaching us

Spotted dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins
Bottlenose dolphin

Mother and calf

Our zodiac "Alfredoo baleeiro" with bottlenose dolphins

Our zodiac "João Vigia" with bottlenose dolphins.
and "Song of Whales" in the background

Watching dolphins from our catamaran "Cetus"

Bottlenose dolphin leaping

Bottlenose dolphin calf with a spot

Bottlenose dolphin mother and calf (who seems to have some sort of skin condition)

Viewing the coastline from our catamaran

Viewing Rocha de Relva

Our beautiful coastline
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