Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Whale Watching and snorkelling in a volcanic crater

Whale watching followed by snorkelling in a volcanic crater - that is Futurismo's Full Day Tour that is available throughout the summer. In the morning we go out on one of our whale and dolphins watching tours where we have the chance to spot some of the 25 species that can be seen in the Azores. The whale watching is followed by a lunch (with the choice of several locally fresh caught fish) in Vila Franca do Campo and then a trip to Vila Franca Islet. This islet is a volcanic crater with a beautiful lagoon inside. The area is a natural reserve which means fishing is not allowed and you therefore have the chance to observe a variety of fish species during your snorkelling experience. Following are some of our photos from our Full Day tour on the 23rd of July:  

Sperm whale - we had a brief glimpse so this was the only photo we got

Risso's dolphin. On this day we also encountered common dolphins and spotted dolphins

One of our other boats with a Risso's dolphin

Lunch in Vila Franca do Campo

A flat fish - the first sighting upon entering the water the water

Parrotfish - the beautifully coloured individuals are the males of the species

Female parrotfish (with a more dull colouration than the males)

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