Monday, November 11, 2013

4 species and a day like summer

So today we had a perfect Saint Martin's (São Martinho) summer, good sea and no clouds, with nice and warm sun. During the morning we saw 3 species: common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and one sperm whales. It was a really nice tour with nice bowriding (dolphins swimming right in front of our boats) and some socialising between the dolphins. The sperm whales were a little bit out from the coast and today they were a bit shy. Despite that we had nice sighting with a whale showing its head and making short dives. In the afternoon two zodiacs left the marina, one for swimming with dolphins and the other for whale watching. The whale watching boat returned to the area of the sperm whale, we managed to see this individual again but there were more individuals around as well. After the sperm whales we decided to check the out dolphins where the swimming boat spent the afternoon. It was amazing! Bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins all in the same area feeding, really active....In the end everyone was amazed by the feeding frenzy.

Photos from the morning:
Bottlenose dolphin

Sperm whale

common dolphin

Photos from afternoon:

Sperm whale

Common dolphin

Common dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphins and spotted dolphins splashing in front of our zodiac

Bottlenose dolphin

Second group of bottlenose dolphins, feeding together with common dolphins and spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphin calf

Adult spotted dolphin

Common dolphin and a yellowlegged gull

Cory's shearwater head on

Arriving back to the marina

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