Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An adventurous ride

Today we had an adventurous ride in the company of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The common dolphins were very active and curious, approaching our zodiac and swimming really close, specially the young calves. In this group we also had an all dark common dolphin that was missing the yellow colour. We still don't know how many dark common dolphins we have seen this year, but we will check during this winter (by comparing the dorsal fins of the individuals we photographed). During the tour we had rainbows over land, a beautiful sight we get to see fairly often in the Azores. After the common dolphins we spotted a pod of bottlenose dolphins, probably they were trying to get some "breakfast" and they didn't really pay much attention to us. Further away from us were some fishing boats catching some squid. After the sightings of dolphins we went to Vila Franca Islet to enjoy the marine life of this natural reserve (one the way we saw more common dolphins).

Photos from today:

A dark common dolphin

On board the zodiac

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins
Common dolphins

One of many rainbows

One fishing boat picking up squid

One of the squids they picked up

Vila Franca Islet

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