Thursday, November 7, 2013

Common and spotted dolphins and rainbows

Today we had a rainbow above São Miguel, as we left the marina we left the rainbow behind us and as we traveled east we were accompanied by the rainbow throughout the tour, until we arrived back at lunchtime. Out on the sea we had lovely encounters with both Atlantic spotted dolphins and common dolphins. The group of Atlantic spotted dolphins was very small and we left them for a larger group of common dolphins. We enjoyed the weather and the coastline and at the end of the tour we encountered a second group of common dolphins very playful around our boats, bowriding and mating. Photos from today:

Leaving the marina

Our zodiac and a rainbow

The rainbow starts were our lookout is sitting

Common dolphins, viewed from the top deck of "Cetus"

Common dolphin in front of us

Common dolphins mating in front of us

Playful dolphins in front of our boats

Common dolphins
Common dolphin

Common dolphin

On board our zodiac

A fishing boat

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