Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The start of the year for the tea

Ontem, as máquinas da fábrica de chá Gorreana começaram a operacionar pela primeira vez este ano. Os rebentos da planta são recolhidos anualmente entre os meses de Abril e Outubro, no terreno da fábrica com cerca de 32 hectares, de forma mecânica, que veio substituir a apanha manual. O chá Gorreana é de grande qualidade pois não são utilizados quaisquer químicos nas plantações visto que as pragas normais/comuns da planta do chá não sobrevivem no clima de São Miguel.

No video poderá ver os roladores em funcionamento.

Yesterday the Gorreana tea factory started to operate for the first time this year. The plant's shoots are picked between  April and October, in the factory's field of 32 hectares, mechanically, replacing the old hand-picking method. Gorreana tea is of great quality because no chemicals are used on the plantations since the normal/common plagues that threaten the plant can't survive the climate of São Miguel.

In the video you can see the rollers in function.

Monday, March 27, 2017

3 in a row!! Sperm whale, fin whale and sei whale!

The morning trip was a real surprise! Despite the weather conditions have changed faster than expected, the nature provided us with the sighting of several magnificent whales! Our lookout spotted some blows and we were going to the area but it started raining too much and he was not allowed to keep tracking the whale. When finally stoped raining, the lookout spotted another blow. When we arrived, we spotted a blow of a sperm whale that quickly dived. However, in the same area we had the privilege to be with two fin whales and a sei whale! During all the trip we were accompanied by several groups of Cory's shearwater, a species of seabird very emblematic of the Azores. Nature has unexpected events and unbelievable experiences!

Fin whale and the tail print on the water

Cory's shearwater

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Springtime?! Fin whales!

This morning we went for a whale watching trip on our catamaran. The weather was quite good and our lookout spotted whale blows, but far away! Out of Ribeira Quente, we were able to see 3 huge fin whales! The whales were really calm and they even approached our boat! It was an amazing moment! On our way back to Ponta Delgada, near the Vila Franca Islet, we spotted a pod of super curious common dolphins. They bow ride us and they were in the mood to let us seem them really well! It was such a good morning :)

Fin whale

Fin whale
Fin whale
Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The first sei whales of the year

Spring sometimes preaches some pranks. Today it was windy day and the sea began to get angry, not like the last days. Luckily, we were able to see three sei whales sailing at high speed through the waves. At first we still had some doubts about what kind it was, but in one of his breaths it was possible to see that it was a very dark whale and with the right side of the lower jaw really dark. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the baleen whales, but after some practice we can distinguish using the shape and size of the dorsal fins and also their coloration.

We can then say that we saw the FIRST SEI WHALES of the YEAR !!

Photos from today:

Sei whale

Sei whale

                                                                             Sei whale

Humpback whale day

One of our favorite species came for a visit. We saw humpback whales!! When in a good mood, humpback whales are rather curious. They can jump and show off their long pectoral fins. Yesterday it kept distance in the morning, but in the afternoon it even passed under one of our boats. Probably wanted to see more closely who we were. In the morning we also saw fin whales and a group of Risso's dolphins. In the afternoon we saw again fin whales and also two groups of bottlenose dolphins. One of the groups had our known Egyptian (dolphin with dorsal fin with triangular shape) and in the other group we saw Max (a dolphin that has deformed upper jaw). Spring is being a decoy for our whale friends. We are waiting for your visit too.

Photos from today:

Megaptera novaeangliae | Humpback whale

Rissos dolphins

Humpback whale

Humpback whale

Fin whale

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

                                                                       Bottlenose dolphin

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Shy whales and a big male sperm whale

Today we had a whale day; we saw a big male of sperm whale in the morning and a very shy humpback whale; in the afternoon three fin whales appeared, at the beginning we saw them very well but then started swimming very fast and spending very little time on the surface.
March is being a really good month of whale observation ;)

Photos from today:


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Five species in one trip!!

We continue with our amazing spring encounters! Today we did a remarkable trip where we saw five different species; we were out of time to see all what the sea was offering to us. We started our trip with common dolphins all over our way to the baleen whale area, they were just appearing everywhere; we stop to see some Risso’s dolphins for a while and then we continued towards the area of where our lookout spotted a fin whale, for our surprise when we arrived we has two whales surfacing together and very close to our boat. In Futurismo we applied the whale watching rules in order to respect the animals and we always leave some distance, but of curse they don’t follow any rule, and when they are in the mood they like to approach us. Today it was that case with the whales.

After that we decided to try to go to another area, where some sperm whales were seen by our lookout, when we arrived we had the luck to see two of them spy hopping ; they were very calm just laying and resting at the surface. It was already time to go back to Ponta Delgada but in our way back a group of around 50 bottlenosedolphin started playing with our catamaran and bow riding; so we stay with them for a while. Clients of today’s trip where really lucky as well as the biologist on board.

Check the photos of the trip:

The two fin whales surfacing very close to our boat

When the fin whales go for a dipper dive, they curve their back a bit more

One of fin whales

Sperm whale logging

Two sperm whales diving at the same time

The two sperm whales were socializing

Some of the big group of  bottlenose dolphins

A Risso's dolphin with many white marks, indicating it is an adult individual

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Welcome springtime!

What a great way to start the springtime! We started our day with an nice trip in the morning with faboulus encounters with fin whales! Today the see was calm and they performed a beautifull show of blows. We also saw Risso's dolphins, with some babies in the group as well as curious common dolphins playing and bowriding our catamaran. In the afternoon it was the turn of the rest of our residente species, we went to the west quiet a long trip until we encounter some sperm whales; the whales were very active, approaching one of our zodiac boat; one of them even breached close to our catamaran. Coming back to Ponta Delgada we encounter a group of bottlenose dolphins, the very  well know bubblemaker's family; a group of at least 30 dolphins that are very happy to play with our bow. So as you see springtime has started the best way possible here in Futurismo :)

Some photos of our tours:

Fin whales:

Sperm whales:

Risso's dolphins:

 Bottlenose dolphins:

Common dolphins:

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