Tuesday, April 25, 2017

8 species in the same day!

There are good days… and there’s days like today! We saw an overall of 8 species during the day! Blue, fin, sei and a sperm whale, common, bottlenose and stripeddolphins and false killer whales!

April is being an amazing month of sightings, sao Miguel is full of whales out there, as we are encountering them every day we go outside; this is the first day in the year that we are able to see four biggest animals in the world, the big baleen whales (blue, fin and sei) and the biggest one among the toothed, the sperm whale.
All the species of dolphins were also very interesting to see as they got curious, specialy the false killer whale provided a very nice show bowriding our boats for a very long time, don't forget that this dolphins can lenght around 6 metters, so they are quiete impresive when put themselves under boats!

Some photos of our tours:

Fantastic blue whale surfacing

We can apreciate the beautiful pattern of the blue whales

Sei whales are much more darker than blue whales

Sei whale surfacing

Here we can see the dorsal of the sperm whale we saw, notice how different the skin is comparing with baleen whales

False killer whales were very courius and playfull with the boat

False killer whale

False killer whale

Notice that the shape of the head is very unique

The bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins were also playfull

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